The Diary of Jasmine Grace was released January 2017 in Honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. 

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In her true story, The Diary of Jasmine Grace, this modern-day abolitionist reflects on the values and experiences that influenced her. From dating a man who would eventually sell her body, to finding redemption in the back seat of a car, Jasmine reveals the strengths, vulnerabilities and processes that changed her.

She opens a door into her life as a prostitute, sharing her diary and the struggles that eventually landed her a seat in a 12-step program, a job in the anti-trafficking movement and a place in a community church. Speaking candidly about her years as a prostitute and heroin addict, Jasmine discusses how faith influenced her, and she sheds light on the road to recovery, relapse and redemption.

  Understand the manipulation and mental programming in commercial sex 

  Realize the role of the brain in addictive behaviors and recovery 

  Learn about recovery obstacles after exiting the commercial sex trade

The Diary of Jasmine Grace inspires readers to embrace determination, honesty and courage—some of the values that led her into a new life of service.

18 thoughts on “Book

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  2. Jacqueline Lindberg says:

    Jasmine, I just listened to you tell your story at the MCC in Keene. Your are a true inspiration and a wonderful person. I just ordered the book; a slave across the street.
    Keep on spreading the world, you are doing an amazing work. God bless you

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  3. I stumbled upon your blog as I was combing Google trying to see if I could find out anything about a couple of people I used with in Taunton back in the day. I read quite a bit of your blog and was very interested in the journal entries because i knew many of the places you talked about and it was just a bit sureal. I left Taunton in 2007 and came back to my home state of Nebraska and am now clean but I can relate to the struggles you wrote about.

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  5. Fortunatina Graziano says:

    I was at the CASADA Coalition Spring Breakfast at Marist College in Dutchess County. I am also a regional representative for an organization called New York Women In Law Enforcement (NYWLE) and I would love to connect with you and maybe have you come speak to our team. I think it will be an valuable experience for us. My information (E-Mail) is below. Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of the world. Most importantly thank you for bringing a voice to other victims, I admire your strength and RESILIENCE!!
    Tina G.

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  6. Tina says:

    Jasmine YOU ROCK! I love that you were able to turn a horrific situation into something that can help and educate others! I loved your detailed experience it made it so real.

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  7. Diane says:

    Jasmine –
    I recently read about you speaking at the Needham Ma Library with Peter DiMarzio on September 28. I was so saddened to miss the event. I live near Needham, and would like to know if you are planning on any other talks with him in a nearby town


    • Hi, I don’t have any events with Peter scheduled but I am in Wilmington on Sunday. You can check the Upcoming events page on the website to see where I am publicly speaking. Hope to meet you 🙂


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