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It all starts and ends in prayer

This photo says so much about who I am in my life today. When I first entered detox in 2007, I would get on my knees and awkwardly say, "God help me not use today. Help me to stay in treatment". I'm so humbled and grateful to God for saving from from a life filled with shame, self hate and...

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Walking alongside a Survivor of Sex Trafficking.

It was a snowy Sunday. A freezing, icy rain kind of snow day. I was in a bad mood and I refused to be comforted by God or anyone else. I was angry and I felt like my old self. I lashed out at my son’s father and at God for no good reason. I couldn't pray. I needed to nap and I slept for 3 hours....

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Why I share my story of Surviving Sex Trafficking

Today, one of the most rewarding things in my life, is getting to share my story with others that haven't figured out theirs yet. I have come to know that when I share in a transparent and vulnerable way - it gives others a chance to do the same. And when we finally tell someone else about the...

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Through My Eyes

She walked through the world, seemingly alone. Sunlight reflecting sadness off of her hazel eyes, wind blowing her purple bangs into them. She walks with confidence even though she had none. Unafraid of the world, but afraid of herself and individuals... but not in the way one may think. She is...

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“A Day Out of the life – Looking Back & Moving Forward, Together”

Some people’s voices are heard loud and clear. Some people’s voices are quiet, because of a personal fear. Still, there are others, who don’t have the choice to speak. Even if they had chance, their words would be too weak. Some girls are burned, trafficked, and beaten. Some people’s livelihood...

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