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So much to be Thankful for!

Every year we plan our Annual Bring a Item - Fill a Bag event for people in the community to come together and "do good" for vulnerable women by bringing basic toiletries and to stuff bags filled with HOPE! We have smaller events throughout the year when groups invite us to come speak and fill...

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The Work has only Begun

  First trafficked by deception and fraud and then held captive by psychological manipulation, she was in and out of the Life for almost twelve years.  During those years, she would be out of the Life for a stretch of a few years, she was never free from the bondage of evil. And thus kept...

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My Journey: Seasons Of Healing (Who I am today)

Poem #2: Sometimes, it comes back. It’s Vivid Like Yesterday’s Sun. But in reality – it’s DARKER, DARKER than storm clouds on a rainy day. It BURNS hotter than a summer sun. It HURTS more than falling hail hitting your skin like bullets. And at times, it is so much LOUDER than the CRACK of a tree...

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