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We are a powerful team of solid women in recovery and survivors of the commerical sex trade working to help others find freedom from exploitation and addiction and start their healing journey. We provide services to assist with exiting the cycles of prostitution and drug addiction. We strive to reach as many victims as possible to show they aren’t alone and that it is never too late. There is always hope. Our goal is to bring awareness by speaking at events and providing 8-10-week Recovery Support Groups to empower women and help them “self-identify.” Once they know and recognize that they are no longer victims of sex trafficking and that they are, instead, survivors, the healing can begin. At that point, we come alongside and mentor/support them as they continue on the journey of healing and starting a new life. Many addicts and victims of sex trafficking are victims of unimaginable circumstances, and sometimes it just takes one decision to turn into years of heartache. Even though those choices cannot be undone, nobody deserves to suffer a lifetime of loneliness or fear. We are here to guide you and walk alongside you step by step.   You are not alone.

What We Do

Provide Exit Services & Support

Often times, many women who are trapped in cycles of exploitation or trafficking feel alone and hopeless. We provide connections to local and national safe homes and recovery services so they can start the path to healing.

Recovery Groups

We offer an 8-10-week survivor-led support group that educates about the harms of the commercial sex trade and unhealthy relationships. Support group topics include, but are not limited to: Healthy relationships, boundaries, coping skills, what is sex trafficking, art therapy, and more!

Mentoring & Recovery Coaching

We offer Mentoring and Recovery Coaching services to women as they exit the cycles of exploitation and addiction. We also support women who have been out for awhile but still need support as they journey deeper into the healing process.

Speaking & Training

We would love to be a part of your next event! Hire us to keynote your event, speak on a panel, or host a workshop to help educate and change women’s lives.

Survivor Leadership Opportunities

Many of the women that we meet and walk alongside decide they would like to give back and help other struggling women, speak at events, or improve in their leadership skills.

Bags of Hope Outreach

BOH is our outreach ministry and one of our favorite and most important aspects of the work we do. It’s also how YOU can connect and volunteer with us! Our purple bags are filled with basic hygiene items and given to vulnerable women.

The Jasmine Grace Team

We are a powerful team of women in recovery and survivors working to help others find  freedom from sexual exploitation and addiction to start their survival journey.

Bags of Hope

Our Outreach Ministry

Jasmine Grace founded Bags of Hope Ministries as a way to reach out to vulnerable women in a practical way. Women who are living on the streets or in programs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire are given bags filled with basic items that we take for granted every day.
In collaboration with programs serving women affected by sex trafficking, prostitution, addiction, and homelessness, Bags of Hope Ministries is driven by the community. Many different groups of people are donating the items, filling the bags, and handing them out! These efforts let women know there is a better way and that they are treasured and loved by Jesus and that we are here to help.

Bags Filled

Items Per Bag

Books Donated

In Jasmine’s Words

the Diary of Jasmine Grace

Jasmine’s book opens a door into her life as a prostitute, sharing her diary and the struggles that eventually landed her a seat in a 12-step program, a job in the anti-trafficking movement and a place in a community church. The Diary of Jasmine Grace is a true story about a modern-day abolitionist reflecting on the values and experiences that influenced her. From dating a man who would eventually sell her body, to finding redemption in the backseat of a car, Jasmine reveals the strengths, vulnerabilities, and processes that changed her. Speaking candidly about her years as a prostitute and heroin addict, Jasmine discusses how faith influenced her, and she sheds light on the road to recovery, relapse and redemption.